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Add More Value to Your Lunch Hour

and get rid of meals that make you slump

plant based meal delivery service office portland

Work Lunch PDX + Your office:

  • Saves time and energy

  • Supports a healthy mind-body system

  • Boosts energy, productivity, and brain power

  • Helps you eat healthier, more balanced meals

  • Adds desirable wellness incentive to employees

  • Offers an effortless way to improve health and reduce stress

  • Presents ever changing menu inspired by dishes around the world (so boredom is impossible)

Food that helps you feel the best, at an affordable rate.

Tired of shelling out $13+ for a meal at a swanky restaurant, only to have that meal (delicious though it may be) give you brain fog and put your digestion into overdrive?

We offer bulk pricing for your office, so healthy, nutrient dense, and delectable meals are within easy reach.

We deliver ready to eat (just warm and serve) plant-based meals Monday & Wednesday.

Minimum of 4 subscribers for Office Delivery

add subscribers using the quantity + and - below

For groups of less than 4, please purchase individual subscriptions.
For groups of more than 10 people, please send an inquiry to for special pricing options.