vegan meal delivery

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vegan meal delivery

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We deliver twice a week on Sunday and Tuesday (5pm-8pm)

vegan meal delivery

We'll text ahead of time to make sure you're there or if there's a safe spot to leave your refrigerator bag


You get a variety of fresh, healthy, meals delivered to your door for the entire work week!

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What is Work Lunch?

Gluten free, plant based, vegan meals delivered to your door.

We've heard so many of our friends say it, "I wish I could eat healthier but..." We know. There are hundreds of reasons why it's hard to eat healthy (like who can resist loading up with carnitas and crema on taco Tuesday?!) So if you're looking for a way to cut down on meat consumption, eat healthier without having to think about it, or don't want to have to meal plan and cook for your work week, Work Lunch has you covered.

We provide 5 fresh meals every week (delivered on Sunday and Wednesday) so you don't have to wait in line at the food cart down the street, or shuffle past unappetizing meals from the cafeteria.

All our meals are nutritionally dense, 99% plant-based flavor bombs that will make your coworkers envious of your lunch.

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We deliver 2x per week so your food says super fresh. Everything is prepared on Sunday and Tuesday and delivered to you on those days.

Normal delivery hours are from 3pm-7pm. We will communicate with you through text to find a good delivery time. If you will not be home you can always suggest a safe place to drop off your meals, or arrange to pick them up from us.

If you live outside our current delivery radius, contact us! We can arrange in-town pickups or drop off at your Portland office, or we can offer a small delivery charge.

If you can round up 5 other subscribers in your area, we will make an exception and deliver outside the radius for free.

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We make some mouthwateringly delicious food. Often there's enough for leftovers. Win.

Our meals are 99% plant based, which means they're largely whole food, plant based with only occasional deviations. We do use grains and starches and pack each bowl with loads of vegetable nutrition to both fill you up and make your body extra healthy.

Science has shown that the plant-based diet is the healthiest one out there, so let us make making healthier choices a no-brainer for you.



& Insulated Bags

You're automatically getting high-quality BPA free plastic containers. Safe to heat up in the microwave and well-sealed to protect against spills.

We use insulated bags to keep your food cool -- which means we'll need them back! Please leave your bags with ice packs outside for us to swap out when we do your delivery on Sunday and Tuesday.



We offer many subscription options, ranging from just 2 meals to 1 month.

We also offer recurring subscriptions so you can sign up once and have your meals locked in for as long as you like!