The story always begins, “One day…”

To be honest, I never thought I would have a career in food. I lasted three days assembling salads, appetizers, and desserts an upscale Italian restaurant promoting Bocce & wood fire pizza before I realized, this ain’t for me.

Cooking was something I did for myself, my partners, my friends...it was for my days off, Pinteresting new recipes, chopping and sweating and happily swigging pre-dinner wine as I went along.

My friends & family (a family of incredible on-and-off professional cooks) -- they all urged me to do something with food for a living. But NO! Commercializing it wasn’t the reward. I prefered throwing 10-course dinner parties and footing the bill, cooking the dishes I wanted for the fun of it. I guess that’s when you love something and don’t want to mess it up by making it a business.

Until one day.

My best friend was working a busy busy job, wanting to keep healthy, but not wanting to spend all that time meal planning. “If I buy the groceries, will you make me lunch for the week?”

Andrew, quite literally the coolest guy I know (I didn’t say smartest, dad, don’t worry, that’s forever reserved for you) watched me disconcertedly from the couch.

“You’re going to do that just for grocery money?” he said.

But in his usual cherrily helpful, I’m-going-to-cook-the-pants-off-this way, created 5 meals for the work week.

Yvette (the bestie in question) sent text after text with variations on how many repeated letters she could put in the word YYUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM.

“You know,” she said, “People would totally pay you for this service.”

A week later, Work Lunch was up and running.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the story than can fit on a webpage.

Work Lunch is the brainchild of all of us, really. Yvette and her suggestion, me and my delight at cooking for my friends, the magical food abilities, endless optimism, and devastatingly good looks of Andrew Choi, and all of yous guys [sic], continually subscribing to Work Lunch PDX.

You’re really the reason Work Lunch is around. Because if we didn’t have you to cook for we’d just be making ourselves fat off of dishes inspired by restaurants and Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown show. But now we get to think about how to veganize and gluten freeinize (sounds like poison, but I promise, it’s the opposite) the dishes we see to serve to you in all their protein-rich, plant-based, delectable glory.

work lunch co-owner Jessica Cox


Why is Work Lunch plant based?

Never thought you’d go vegan? Try a 3.5 week trip to Barcelona where you gorge on ALL the AMAZING animal bits ‘n pieces with 5 star (and they mean it) reviews.

Try watching the Food Choices documentary on your plane ride back.

Pick up Dr. Michael Greger’s book, How Not to Die.

Between being fully meated out (never thought it would be a thing, but it’s totally a thing) and the compelling ethical/health/economic arguments put forth in Food Choices and How Not to Die, we made a decision on that plane back home to commit to being...mostly vegan.

Before you stab a voodoo doll in my likeness hear me out. We knew we couldn’t commit to 100% vegan (despite being entirely convinced that we’re not being great people for not). It was better to commit to something that would still make an impact -- partial veganism.

Better to be 80% than 20%...or none at all.

So that became our mission. Not to convert meat eaters to plant eaters, but to help people make healthier decisions easily.

We take care of one meal a day for you. It’ll be entirely plant based and entirely delicious and give you more nutrients and gains than your plate of pork tacos. Even by swapping out one meat meal for one plant based meal a day...the impacts on the environment are ENORMOUS.

Vegan often seems like an all or nothing term, but truth is you can be *mostly* plant based, enjoy the benefits of extra nutrition and less gunk and goop in your insides, and lessen your negative impact on this lovely world we all share. Need more convincing? Check out the Food Choices documentary!

You, Me, and Work Lunch

Work Lunch is proud to be hand made & hand delivered. We’ll text you from our personal phones, deliver your food personally, and say hi and chat when you want us to.

andrew choi and jessica cox of work lunch pdx

The awesome thing about meal delivery is you get to be a regular. And you always get benefits as a regular!

We benefit too, by keeping us feeling like cooking for friends. By growing a community

We choose to source our groceries from mostly local shops, supporting the Portland farmers and purveyors.

In the future we hope to expand Work Lunch to include community programs educating people on how to cook delicious, nutritionally balanced plant-based meals (especially on the cheap!).