ready-to-eat meals that improve your mind & body

Food is a powerful medicine — and you take it every day.

We cut out the foods that damage your health (meat, dairy, grains, refined sugars) and replace them with foods that heal & give you more vitality.

If you want to lose weight, be more active for your family, feel more energy, and combat or prevent chronic disease (no matter how big or small), you’ll want our ready-to-eat, plant based lunches delivered direct to you.

It’s the most convenient way to eat healthier and lower your daily stress!

What you get:


5 plant-based meals delivered to your door (we rotate the menu each week so you'll never get bored!)

1 gluten-free, vegan sweet (but healthy) (but delicious) treat per week

All the nutrition you need to feel healthy, energized, powerful, and happier knowing you're reducing your carbon footprint, saving a few animals from the ol' slaughterhouse, and treating yo' body right

Whole, hearty meals that satisfy your lunchtime cravings.

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Work Lunch is perfect if you want to....

  • Effortlessly improve your health

  • Limit your impact on the environment

  • Save money while eating higher quality foods

  • To eat a near endless variety of tasty, creative, flavor-packed dishes

  • Cut back on meat, gluten, and other health-harming (but tempting) foods

  • Spend less time on your lunch break (so you can do the things you really want to, like Instagram the office cat)


Your first order starts on the Sunday after you sign up!


bri amaranthus testimonial
Liv's recovery kitchen
I really enjoyed my week of meals with work lunch pdx! The food was fresh and very tasty! I loved how filling it was and how high protein the meals were.

A lot of times there’s a misconception plant based is going to be low protein, but they do a good job balancing flavor and nutrients! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to order again!
— Amber Bayer (Health and Fitness coach)

The first week of meals I ordered were super-delicious and I love all the combos of ingredients and flavors, and the variety and quantity per meal. I upgraded to the 20 meals every 4 weeks option.

I’ve been telling members at work about it, and friends, and giving them the discount code. I like your business model and how you’re responsive.
— Alex Linsker (Business Owner, Collective Agency)

Work Lunch PDX is an incredible combination of convenient and delicious meals. I am lactose intolerant, so it was perfect for my allergy. The food is always fresh and the recipes are inventive. It’s hard to pick my favorite part about the meal-delivery, but I LOVED how full the meals kept me throughout the day.

Would recommend 10/10!
— Bri Amaranthus (Reporter & Host NBC Northwest)

I’ve been ordering WorkLunch for a few months now, and it’s changed my entire work week. I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat for lunch, and I know it’s always going to be a delicious and healthy lunch.

I’m super health conscious, and this is the only meal plan I’ve found that fits into my daily calories and macros while fulfilling all of my needed nutrients. Not to mention, the lunches leave you full, but you don’t get that awful after-lunch slump that takeout gives you. I look forward to Mondays now that I have WorkLunch to eat each day.
— Molly Corless (Selz.com)

As a busy entrepreneur, and with a number of health challenges, I needed to find a way to build up my stamina to not only get healthier but sustain me enough to keep my business going through those challenges.

Cue Worklunchpdx: delicious, inspiring, healthful, and filling meals that fuel my week delivered straight to my door.

I’ve tried many meal delivery services over the years and, as a seasoned cook and someone who’s business is founded upon making good food taste great, I’ve never been disappointed—quite the opposite! The flavour and texture combinations are superb and keep me feeling excited about what’s coming next.

Worklunchpdx is best investment I’ve ever made in my wellness and my business.
— Olivia Pennell (livsrecoverkitchen.com)
plant based vegan meal delivery service portland oregon



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Taking nutrition into account

Protein packed, with varied sources of nutrient dense plants. So you can feel less guilty about going for a third beer at happy hour.


Seasonally inspired dishes

Hot one? We'll throw in cooling spices or make a lighter salad to keep you refreshed and energized. Cold winter days? Our dishes will warm you to your toes.



Allergy & diet friendly

Let us know your allergies & preferences. We're naturally gluten free and vegan. We use a facility that processes gluten, nuts, and other allergens, so if your allergy is serious...don't sign up!